Pantheon Standard

All... and alone


Starting up

by Langshan Hexachord on 29th Jan 2018, 3:16 PM

Here we go, let's see if I don't mess this up...

Hallo, captain socially backwards here.  Do I start with a bio?  I'm a boring old farm hand IRL, I have a motorcycle and my favorite flavour of museli bar is black forest.  That'll do.

The story of Pantheon Standard was initially made for an RPG I found I just didn't have the time to make, so I'm putting it on paper instead.  I'm (about to become) a fantasy author and illustrator, but I REALLY want to do comic art too-- so if nothing, this'll be good practise I guess?

Absolutely NO idea what I'm doing here, but things look easy enough so far.  Pointers would be appreciated too?  Bye bye for now.